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Waste Management Act Section 22 Register

What does this website do?

  • Local Authorities must use this site to register all unregulated waste disposal sites within their boundaries.

  • This web based data management system allows local authorities to maintain a current register and provides a mechanism to update the Agency with details of the register.

  • The Code of Practice for Environmental Risk Assessment of Unregulated Waste Disposal sites sets guidelines on how to carry out a risk assessment of an unregulated landfill site.

  • This website allows users to enter the results of the Tier 1 risk assessment as required by the Code of Practice. There are two methods:

    • If users have already completed a Tier 1 risk assessment for unregulated landfill sites, the results can be entered using the Manual Risk Assessment option.

    • Alternatively this Register provides an online tool for completing the Tier 1 Risk Assessment.

  • The WMA Section 22 register can then automatically generate reports for each site.

  • This site also contains links to the legislative instruments and other documents created by the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government and the EPA relevant to unregulated landfills.

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